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Whole Being Education Talk Series

A series of free online dialogues that seek to learn from insights about relationship between people and planet that arise from a contemplation of the physiological, psychological and spiritual dynamics at play in human birth and early life.

In the Easter-time we welcome and consider all of life returning to what has been dormant over winter. In Christian as well as pagan practices the resurrection is celebrated as the expression of the continuance of eternal life. In the birth process, when new life, like spring shoots, is at its utmost tenderness, the choice to welcome the energies of birth, the infant, the new mother is significant. Empowering choices have long term impacts on well being, bonding and the willingness to heal. Many women experience challenges to their choices in how they would like to deliver their child. Some experience 'no choice' when conditions mitigate against the birth they wanted to have. So the power of choice is critical to the moments of birth and the recovery of sovereignty in healing both our own births and the arrival of our children. Binnie has worked with key, life-affirming affirmations and the breath in a wide variety of settings over several decades. She has found the space between the solar plexus and the heart chakras to be a particularly potent focus when considering innocence and choice in childbirth.

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